News: Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7,Compliments !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7,Compliments !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7,Tagalog Compliments !

   Today's Lesson looks at How to Pay Compliment to someone ,but without actually complimenting them directly.You will be speaking with another person as you pay this particular Compliment. In a Future Episode, we will look at how to Pay Compliment Directly to the individual you are talking to.

  Have fun with this lesson and remember to revisit as often as needed to memorize these lessons. Please be sure to pass these lessons on to others so they too can learn a new Language.

  I have had visitors ask me for the written word to these lessons,as they feel it is easier to learn when they can view the written words as well as viewing the videos. So, in an effort to make everyone's learning experience as easy and beneficial as possible , you can follow my written blog  at this location   or at this location

Please feel free to comment , and pass these lessons on to others. I Love hearing form you.

, and Hope to see you for future Episodes.

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7, Tagalog Compliments !


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