News: Learn Tagalog Today Episode 10, I Don't Understand!

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 10, I Don't Understand ! In today's Lesson , we will cover words and Phrases using I don't Understand in Tagalog. Sometimes,you will run into situations where someone talks way to fast, or you just don't know what the words are. To remedy this, we want to ask the person to slow down,repeat what they said, or just simply tell them you didn't understand what they were saying.

News: Learn Tagalog Today Episode 4,Introductions !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 4, Introductions ! In a previous Episode, we learned about Tagalog Greetings.Specifically we learned how to say good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and how to ask a person their name,while learning to say my name is. In this lesson, we learn to introduce family,or friends to someone.

News: Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7,Compliments !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 7,Tagalog Compliments ! Today's Lesson looks at How to Pay Compliment to someone ,but without actually complimenting them directly.You will be speaking with another person as you pay this particular Compliment. In a Future Episode, we will look at how to Pay Compliment Directly to the individual you are talking to.

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