News: Learn Tagalog Today Episode 12, Shopping !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 12, Shopping !

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 12, Shopping

   In today's lesson we will cover words that have to do with shopping.

   In our last lesson we talked about words that dealt with money. Now, when you have money, it generally leads to shopping.

   I recently went shopping for some shoes.They had a sale ,which allows one to buy 1 pair at regular price and get the second pair at half price.

   Lets look at how I went  Shopping today  is said in Tagalog . I  nagpunta shopping ngayon. Now  I can be  stated as, Ako in Tagalog. Nagpunta  means went  in Tagalog ,while we all know what shopping means. The next word we see is Ngayon. This means now, today or presently in Tagalog.

  As I mentioned earlier ,they had a sale  on  shoes  and to say they had a sale in Tagalog , you will say Sila Ay Nagkaroon ng Isang sale. We all already understand the word Sale, so lets look at they in tagalog ,which is Sila. This means  they or them.It is a pronoun.

   Ay means , is ,be  or  ouch in Tagalog. Ouch being an interjection.

   Next, we see Nagkaroon, which in Tagalog  means  Had.

   Ng  means  of ,by  or with, and is a preposition.

  Isang is an article  which means  a , or an, and it comes from the root word  Isa,which means 1 in Tagalog.

   Now lets look at how to say I Bought Shoes in Tagalog.  

    I (or  Ako ) means I .Bought in Tagalog is
Bilini (which can means purchased, or bought. This is a noun.

Sapatos is also a noun,which  means Shoe,footwear, or boot or footgear.

 Ok ,that about does it for another Episode. Hope you all enjoyed and learned a lot. Please don't forget to subscribe,and pass these lessons on to help others.

  You should also return and watch these lessons as often as needed to make certain you are getting these words. I look forward to seeing you for  Episode 13, where we will learn  how to  count 1 to 20  in Tagalog.

    Until then,Paalam.

Learn Tagalog Today Episode 12, Shopping !

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